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This reality began with a story.
Six friends wished to be gods, one day their wish was granted; together they each created their own world to preside over. However they weren’t very good at being gods.
Their attempts at creating life resulted in humanoids comparable in intelligence and entertainment value to extremely basic NPCs in the games they so dearly loved before their wish.
That was when inspiration struck, as they clearly hadn’t an ounce of creativity between them they agreed to base their citizens on characters of existing fiction worlds, ranging from video games to anime and manga.
As they created these carbon copies of the characters, each created a city of their own.


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You take the role of a character these girls stole, probably completely unaware of how they got here they have to adjust. Each world is different, and each person will have their own story to tell of their own original world. Many different faces lurk in the shadows of the worlds, and so it is that you will meet many interesting people in your journeys.
Be warned though, these goddesses are fickle prone to boredom; while your character is adjusting to their new existence the goddesses will take it upon themselves to shake things up by whatever means possible: from Zombies and half resurrected gods that shouldn't-exist-in-this-world through to raining jelly and doing horrible things to physics.
Time is of the essence though, as anything and everything can happen, but in the end, how this story unfolds is up to you.

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